white dawn designs * Botanical arts studio

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Lisa Dawn White

 White Dawn Designs botanical arts studios is located in   Chester  County, Pennsylvania 

"Not Your Grandmother's Pressed Flowers" 

Preserving the language of nature... One flower at a time.
I have always been inspired by nature and its expressions in the landscape. With an academic background in horticulture and anthropology, I have spent years studying the ways that
humans use plants for food, fiber, medicine -- and in my case, for art, decoration, beauty and healingI have been creating and selling mixed media botanical collages using handmade and painted papers with botanical specimens that I collect, press, preserve and enhance using a unique process since 2006. My work has expanded into a line of botanical collage jewelry and botanically printed wearable art. I have exhibited at many juried regional art shows and have work in shops, museums and galleries throughout North America; my designs have also been featured in magazines and catalogs. I always strive to maximize color preservation and have no shame in embellishing where needed - one must not be afraid to add a little color!  Unlike many pressed flower artists, most of my processes are "wet" and if a delicate, water soluble botanical pigment fades a bit during the process, I will painstakingly add it back with a variety of paints, dyes, potions and powders; thus much of my work is mixed media in its truest form. Always searching for pattern and repetition in nature, I am selective about the botanicals that I use in any of my mediums; careful attention to detail and composition give my work an element of distinction. A whimsical interpretation of nature is a golden thread running through each design. I hope that my work inspires people to observe nature more closely.